xShoe4Rhino is a plug-in for Rhinoceros® developed to assist footwear, last, sole and sole mold makers.

Designing with this plugin saves you a lot of time! The commands were developed with the Rhinoceros appearance and functioning to assist either complex or routine operations, simplifying them.

This software is constantly in development and considers it important to receive customer feedback. This is taking on consideration for bug fixing and new features to be added in future versions. Your opinion matters!

  Powerful morphing commands able to handle with 2D or even 3D models!
    - Align the last and fix the balance.
    - Fix the sole deformations from STL objects.
    - Change the bottom curve from any last or sole into another shape.
    - Apply an upper from one last to another.
    - Make the drawing in 2D½ and then project into the sole.
    - Match the 2D design into any shape.
  Advanced grading suitable for uppers, last and sole makers.
    - Different grading strategies suited for each industry specifications.
    - Detetion of the object's dimensions.
    - Custom grading tables to work with fitting tables.
    - Overall sizes computing that can be individually adjusted.
    - Supports groups of objects with special scales, such as fixing parts or inserts.
    - Creation of NC procedures files for milling.
Utility Tools
  Some tasks can be hard and time-consuming to do with regular Rhino commands. This plugin has a set of tools to add common footwear functionalities into Rhinoceros®.
    - Multiple offset, supports the selection of multiple curves and also create curves for toolpaths.
    - Variable offset in 2D or 3D curves that can be checked against any surface.
    - Fast extend and trim curves for sole drawings.
    - Create stitches from curves.
Mold Tools
  Create molds for soles, from casting, machining or both with a set of tools designed to decrease the project time and complexity.
    - Automatic position of the casting mold curves.
    - Clone the welt into the core for leather or plastic welts.
    - Slope surfaces for injection or vacuum channels.
    - Optimized curves for toolpaths to mill inserts, injection channels, etc.
    - Managed 2d drawings for inspection or production.
Bottom Curve Tools
  Set of commands with bottom curve common tasks, to use either with lasts or soles.
    - Orient the last or sole into the working position.
    - Flow or unroll the bottom curve.
    - Extract from a curve the last or sole surface for balancing.
    - Heel, machine or optical axis creation.
    - Heel mirror from a curve.
And there is more!
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