xShoe4Rhino is a plug-in for Rhinoceros developed to assist footwear, last and sole makers, for windows.
This unique and fully integrated plug-in for Rhinoceros 6® offers a powerful feature set and a very intuitive work flow.

The product goal is to extend Rhino3d capabilities with new and fully integrated footwear package. xShoe4Rhino offers solutions for footwear, last and sole makers.


The plugin allows the input of xyz files generated by capture machines, such as Renishaw, Mitutoyo, etc.
You can also input images in real-size (1-1), ready to sketch, with a improvement of the rhino's picture command.

Insole Tools

xShoe4Rhino is able to detect the insole axis automatically even in 3D rough profiles, so you can orient your sketches and STL files.
You can flow or unroll 2d objects into surfaces, flat to 3d and vice-versa.
The plugin have a set of tools to assist the user to detect the insole axis, middle curve, etc.

Utility Tools

Some task can be hard to do with regular Rhino commands.
This plugin extends some Rhino commands in order to adapt them to common footwear tasks, saving time.

Complete Scale

xShoe4Rhino provides a very complete tool to scale 3D models; you can edit individual sizes and setup multiple scales for the same model.
This new version can create NC procedure files in order to mill the scale range from a base model.


xShoe4Rhino also provides a powerful morphing algorithm capable to handle with 2D or even 3D models!

Mold Tools

Repetitive task can be automated by using this plugin assistant for mold creation.
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