xPoints4Rhino is a plug-in for Rhinoceros® developed to import and export any file in text format.

There is a wide range of text formats, with coordinates, vectors and thickness values, used in contact probes, robots, NC machines, CMM Machines, etc. 

Although there are pre-configured formats, this plug-in allows you to configure formats in a simple way.

The coordinates support any measurement system (supported by Rhino) and vectors for multi-axes machines can be expressed in IJK or Euler angles, in radians or degrees.

This software is constantly in development and considers it important to receive customer feedback. This is also being taken into consideration for bug fixing and new features to be added in future versions. Your opinion matters!

Devices and software
  Interact directly with your device or exchange data between applications!
    - Robots; mill, cut, weld, handle, inspection, etc.
    - NC machines; mill, lathe, wire, turn tables, etc.
    - CMM machine; list of points to inspect.
    - Contact probes; list of points measured.
    - Toolpath software; Send data to CAM/Robot/CMM software to generate the path directly from the file.

And there is more!
Check the support with the online help, tutorials and training.

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