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  If you have a need for custom or contract software development, no matter how large or small, you're landed at the right place! tools4rhino was established to develop innovative software solutions.

We are passionate about this work, and strive to create happy clients. We have experience in many different worlds, but to name a few; developing software for footwear, inspection, mechanical, foundry, footwear, molds, etc.

So if you're in need of software development, feel free to contact us.

We can't wait to start developing great software to solve your needs! Take a look at some custom solutions.

They trust us
Solution for dcsi PRO
  This solution was created to perform robotic operations for automated lines in the footwear manufacturing.
Unlike other solutions available on the market that use rudimentary DOS look interfaces locked into proprietary systems, this solution was developed for our customer that uses machines from different brands and looked for a unified and modern solution to work with them.

Using the advanced Rhinoceros graphic engine, the plugin has a simplistic, modern and user-friendly interface, showing in real time the digitalization and other editions before posting to the robot.
- Manual digitalization of each size.
- Grading and mirror.
- Import IGES files.
- Set the robot direction using the Microscribe or the last provided by the last maker.
- Graphically edit the path to tune the operation.
- Automatic path creation and send to the robot using FTP or file copy.

Solution for GE
  The GE inspection department required an inspection system capable of measuring points on a wide range of parts, some with impossible access by conventional machines.
Since there were no such machines on the market, they ordered a custom machine. Their supplier lacked 3D software development expertise and therefore to program the points to measure was hard and very time-consuming.

Confronted with their problem, we presented them a custom solution, fully integrated in Rhinoceros with the appearance of a simple CAM software capable of:
- Calibrate the machine.
- Automatically, set the inspection points using the user parameters.
- Compute and generate the points for the machine.
- Save the data in a file format readable by the robot.

The initial version was developed for Rhinoceros v4, but with the enhancements asked over time, this solution is currently in its 5th version and running in Rhinoceros v7.

Solution for kh system mobel
This German-based company, an expert in producing a wide range of furniture, uses NC machines to cut the boards that compose each part.
Each step of the process was manually processed, and therefore very time-consuming and prone to errors.

To solve this issue, we created a custom plug-in capable of:
- Read the order with the part list in Excel format generated by their software.
- Create the geometries required for each part, including holes for hinges, handlers, grooving, left or right sided, etc. - an infinite number of possible combinations.
- Set the position of each board in the main board to cut, using nesting operations.
- Compute the toolpath and create the NC file, ready for the machine to start working.

Previously, to accomplish these tasks, it was required for each part up to a couple of hours.
With the new process, it takes no more than 5 minutes - This is the power of automation.

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