If you have a need for custom or contract software development, no matter how large or small, you're landed at the right place! tools4rhino was established to develop innovative software solutions.

We are passionate about this work, and strive to create happy clients. We have experience in many different worlds, but to name a few; developing software in inspection, mechanical, foundry, footwear, molds, etc.

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We can't wait to start developing great software to solve you needs! Take a look to some custom solutions.

Airbus A380 - Wings Inspection

tools4rhino is proud to announce that we contribute to make air travels safer!

We developed a Rhino plug-in to make possible the inspection of the new Airbus A380 gigantic wings using a 5 axis CMM.

This is a confidential project, so we can't advance some details , but let’s see what one of the chief inspection engineer said about this project: “There was no software on market to meet our needs, so we ordered this application, and I really can say that it meets our high expectations. Since this is a unique application, there is no one else on market capable to perform this task.”
The background knowledge that we have in metrology and in the mechanical industry, make us the right partner for this project.

Shoe Soles - Mill Setup

Our customer MPP told us about a particular problem in making the setup of a collection of shoe soles. Basically, they have 2 problems; the scale values of each size and associate each origin with the side to mill.

Since they use our plug-in xShoe4Rhino, we add a special enhancement in it to generate scale values to a file. The plugin generates the scale values and the NC files generated in RhinoCAM. The user can set some options such; the foot to mill (left, right or both), the routine type and the CNC Post (Mach3 and Heidenhein), among other settings. The application generates the necessary NC routines taking in consideration the NC post, the foot, the size and the mill origin.
Janaína Lima, MPP manager said; “We usually need a full day of work to setup a collection ready to mill. With the enhancement we only need a couple of minutes.”
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