xShoe4Rhino for Rhinoceros 7
xShoe4Rhino v4 commercial license 1500,00 €
xShoe4Rhino from v3 to v4 upgrade commercial license 900,00 €
xToolbox4Rhino for Rhinoceros 7
xToolbox4Rhino v1 commercial license 350,00 €
xPoints4Rhino for Rhinoceros 7
xPoints4Rhino v1 commercial license 150,00 €
- Prices do not include taxes.
- The commercial licenses are attached to any usb drive.
- A copy is stored in the remote server.
1h remote support/training (1) 100,00 €
4h basic remote training for xShoe4Rhino (2) 350,00 €
8h custom remote support/training xShoe4Rhino (3) 600,00 €
Local support/training ask a quote
- Prices do not include taxes.
- To order any training session use the contact form.
- Troubleshoot installation or upgrade issues is free.
(1) Support for any plugin. For custom plugins must include background work before the support.
(2) One session training with the command basics.
(3) Requires basic training first, then the training/support is adapted to your needs using a hour bank system.
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